Have a lovely break with holidays in jersy

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What makes holidays in Jersy a great choice? Well for quite a number of reasons really, from hassle-free travel, the summers are normally three of four degrees warmer than mainland Britain, great value for your money due to the low duty and to top it all off they have beautiful beaches and the cuisine is to die for. All this and much more make it the ideal place for a holiday.

If you decide you want to book a holiday to Jersey the internet is a fast and easy way to find them and with so many different companies vying for your business you are sure to get a great deal.

A website we recommend you look for your accommodation is www.jerseytravel.com. This is a great site and have great free night offers available right now that are waiting to be snapped up. You can stay at the beautiful Atlantic Hotel and save up to £228 per couple or you can stay at the Club Hotel and Spa saving £184 per couple. If you want to book you can call them on 01534 496600.

If you want to book the complete package of flights and accommodation check out www.flyjersey.com. They book flights for you from all the airlines that fly to Jersey including Flybe and Air Southwest. They have three easy steps for you to follow in order for you to obtain a quote. Search your destination, select accommodation and flights and enter your details and hey presto your quote appears. So what you waiting for get your quote today.

So come along and join in the queue of people looking for holidays in Jersey where a great time awaits.

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