Holidays in Jersey from Knock - all you need to know

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Jersey island offers a relaxing and scenic holiday for Irish tourists. Here are our best tips on holidays in Jersey from Knock.


Jersey is an island located in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy in France. The climate of the island is temperate with similar weather to the south of England. The winters are mild and the summers can be quite cool. The island is home to a number of festivals throughout the year. This includes the Grassroots Festival which is a boutique summer festival held every year in July and Jersey Live which is an indie and dance festival. The island is also well known for the seafood cuisine it offers.


The Beachcombers Hotel is located close to the sandy beaches of Grouville Bay and the Royal Jersey Golf Club. All rooms are en suite with colour television and direct dial telephone. Facilities include lounge, restaurant and bar. There is also an outdoor swimming pool and tennis court. Rates start from £40. The Royal Hotel is located in the centre of St Helier. All rooms are air conditioned and there is 24 hour room service. Other facilities include a sun terrace and bar and brassiere. Prices start from £28 per person sharing.

Getting there

The island is served by Jersey Airport. There are no flights from Knock to Jersey. However Aer Lingus have 3 flights every week from Dublin on Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday. Return flights cost around €200. Aer Lingus also have seasonal flights from Cork.

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