Holidays in Jersey from Ireland this year

Due to the current economic climate a lot of you will have had to be more sensible with your spending resulting in people having to cut down on the costs of their holidays. This, however, does not mean you have to cut down on the enjoyment of your holidays and a great suggestion for a destination this year is holidays in Jersey from Ireland.

Located in the English Channel, it is the largest of the Channel Islands. It lies just northwest of France and enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers. The main language is English but there are some French speakers and a lot of Portugese speakers aswell. This diverse culture lends itself beautifully to the cuisine of the region with an abundance of wonderful restaurants on the island and there are occasionally themed food weeks to celebrate this. For such a small island there is a lot of bars and pubs there so you will not be short of nightlife when you are on holiday there.

3xtravel.co.uk have some great deals on holidays in Jersey. The first hotel is the Hotel Ambassadeur in St Clement. It is located directly across from the St Clement beach on Jersey's south coast. It is affordable and just ten minutes from St Helier by  bus. For a one week stay it will cost £588 per person during the busy summer season.

The Beausite hotel is another located on the south coast of Jersey. It is opposite the Royal Jersey Golf course. It is the perfect place to holiday if you want peace and quiet as it is secluded from the hustle and bustle of the main town and for seven nights stay it will cost you £556 from 3xtravel.co.uk. I hope this helps you find your perfect holidays in jersey from ireland.

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