Find great holidays in Italy from Dublin!

With the way things are going in Ireland at the moment it's hard to imagine that anyone would be happy to spend the whole of the year there without taking at least a short break for some much needed rest and relaxation, so we present to you, holidays in Italy from Dublin.

Travelmood, whose website can be found at www.travelmood.ie, are part of TUI Travel PLC and the sister brand of American Holidays, both of which are based out of the same office on Duke Street in Ireland's capital city, Dublin.

Following much expansion and reworking of their holidays and packages, Travelmood launched the brand new Citalia by Travelmood arm of their operations in 2010 which offers customers a great selection of excellent value holidays to Italy.

With so much to see and do in Italy from great weather and beaches to cultural attractions like historical ruins and Renaissance art, it's going to be hard for you to narrow down exactly where you want to go in order to see everything you want, but Travelmood have a wide range of deals that will appeal to all tastes and budgets.

For example, you could choose to spend a week on the gorgeous Tuscany coast at one of the many four and five star hotels available, including the sublime Principe di Piemonts or the Villa Roma Imperiale, located in the upmarket resort of Forte dei Marmi.

Or you could try romantic Venice, with its countless canals and stunning scenery, while staying in the gorgeous Hotel A La Commedia, or the Hotel Ala, built from two 400 amazing year old buildings.

There really is a huge amount of variety available for anyone seeing holidays in Italy from Dublin this summer, so to find the deal that best suits your needs, log on to www.travelmood.ie today!

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