Holidays in Greece from Dublin - all the main information

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Greece is one of Europe's top tourist countries for good reason. Read on for some advice on holidays in Greece from Dublin.


Greece is located in south-eastern Europe and is bordered by the Aegean Sea on the east and the Mediterranean to the south. The country is famous for its ancient architecture and beautiful beaches. It has one of the longest coastlines in the world and has a vast number of islands including Crete. Destinations that are popular for tourists are Athens, Kos and Crete. Greece has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

Flights from Dublin

Aer Lingus have 3 non stop flights from Dublin to Athens each week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The flight time is just over 4 hours, departing at 15.15 and arriving at 21.20. KLM also fly from Dublin to Athens. Return flights in July and August range from €350 return to €500 return. There are no direct flights from Dublin to Crete but Easyjet have cheap flights from Gatwick to Heraklion airport.


The Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens is located a short walk from the Acropolis and overlooks Zeus' Temple. The rooms are air conditioned with full bathroom amenities. Facilities include a swimming pool and a hotel library. The Corissia Hotels in Crete provide exceptional accommodation in a beach resort. They are located just a few metres from the nearest beach. Rates per room per week range from €650 to €1700 for a suite. They provide the ideal setting to enjoy your holidays in Greece from Dublin.

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