Holidays in Gibraltar

From rock touring, sailing, diving, fishing and birdwatching, visitors have all sorts of diversions to enjoy while on holiday in Gibraltar. Known as ‘the Rock,’ Gibraltar features 143 caves and a network of tunnels.

The Rock is located at the southernmost tip of Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, where Europe meets Africa. Visitors are guaranteed breathtaking sights, intriguing wildlife and architecture, and the best shopping experience on famed Main Street.

Visitors can take cable car trips to the top of the Rock where they can view Spain to the north and Africa to the south. The cable car journey stops at the Ape’s Den, home of the famous barbary apes, which aren’t really apes but macaque monkeys without tails. The apes are the only wild primates in Europe. An area of the upper Rock has been declared a nature reserve and has been planted with diverse plants to create botanical gardens.

The Mediterranean Steps Walk starts at O’Hara Battery (Gibraltar’s highest point), weaves down the eastern cliff and circles around the southern slopes to the western side of the Rock.

There is a guided walking tour around the almost complete city walls, every Friday. The Changing of the Guards takes place several times daily at the Convent, a former 16th century Franciscan Monastic house and now the residence of the governor.

For places to eat, the Marina Quay and Queensway Quay have some of the best harbourside seafood restaurants at the Rock. The Bay of Gibraltar is a great place to go dolphin and whale watching via boat trips.

Not to be missed is St. Michael’s Cave, 300m above sea level. It is a venue for concerts and ballet. The Upper Galleries, hewn by hand from the Rock in 1782, house old cannons from the Great Siege (1779-1783).

Other interesting sites are the 14th-century keep of the rebuilt Moorish Castle; the Rock Buster—a 100-ton gun; the 18th century Garrison Library; and the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe—a mosque converted to a Christian chapel in 1462 that houses the 15th century image of the Patroness of Gibraltar.

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