How to find holidays in France for less than 1000 Euro

If you're travelling on your own then you should have no problem finding holidays in France for less than 1000 Euro, but of course most people travel with their partner or family, and the more people you add the more expensive it gets. No matter how many people you're travelling with though it's always worth trying to get the best deal possible, as that way you'll have more money left over to spend when you're away.

One brilliant way to find a cheap holiday in France is to visit greatgetaways.co.uk, as they specialize in short breaks and holidays across Europe and offer discount prices in premium locations. Most of their holidays are package deals, including transport and at least one meal a day, allowing you to save money on food and flights as well as hotels. All of their discounts are highlighted, so you know exactly how much you'll be saving, and they display the rating of each hotel, many of which are four star.

Hotelclub.com is another great way to travel to France cheaply, as not only do they offer cheap hotels across France, but they also reward you for booking with them by giving you 'member dollars' for each booking, which equates to money which can be spent towards any future bookings with them. So the more often you book through them the more you can save. They also allow customers to leave reviews and ratings of hotels, giving you a clearer picture of what they're really like. However they don't include flights, so these will have to be booked separately.

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