Take your holidays in England 2011

Holidays in England in 2011 can be enjoyable for everybody. Whether nights out in busy art's quarter's, viewing thousands of galleries and museums, visiting traditional pu's and cutting-edge nightclubs, England has so much to offer at an affordable price.

London is an extremely popular destination to travel to whilst in England. Why not see the wonderful city and it's spectacular views whilst on the London Eye! With new rock bands playing in venues throughout the city every night of the week and excellent shopping opportunities in places like Camden, West London, Chelsea and Oxford Street, London is ideal for the younger couples for a fun-filled holiday.

With theme parks such as Thorpe park, Blackpool Pleasure beach and Alton Towers, England can be fun for the whole family. Whilst Brighton Pier can bring an electric and exciting feel to the holiday.

The southern coast is a great place for people in search of fantastic beaches whether it's a fun seaside resorts packed with holiday makers, quieter undiscovered beaches or beaches that specialise in water sports, England has it all.

Younger people might be interested in the world class festivals that England has to offer, especially in summer 2011 such as Glastonbury, V festival, Reading and Cream which all specialise in new and current musicians taking to the stage.

For the more elderly couples England also has a lot to offer such as Royal events, English gardens, amazing restaurants and stunning scenic walks through the country side.

All in all, enjoy a fun-filled, exciting and amazing holidays in England in 2011

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