Start exploring holidays in Canada and find yourself the perfect trip for 2011!

From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the intoxicating buzz of Downtown Toronto, Canada has every angle covered for your dream holidays in Canada 2011.

Each year millions of people visit America's friendly neighbours to the north and almost none of them leave disappointed.

One trip is very rarely enough to experience the best the country has to offer, but if there's one package that comes close it's traveling the Rocky Mountaineer rail path.

With three different routes, all based out of Vancouver, you can explore most of the west of Canada, linking trips to Calgary, Whistler and the Banff and Jasper National Parks.

The train not only stops in some extraordinary places, but en-route passes through some breathtaking scenery that is only accessible by this form of transport.

Banff National Park is Canada's oldest national park and in 1984 was made in to a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Situated right on the edge of the Rocky Mountains the area is heavily conserved to ensure its beauty remains for generations to come and includes Moraine Lake, which is one of the most common postcard images from around the world.

Whistler is another top Canadian tourist destination surrounded by stunning mountain ranges.

Just two hours away from Vancouver, which it co-hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics with, it's best known for its skiing facilities, but also attracts a wealth of people in the summer for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and golf.

Vancouver itself is also an easy place to spend a few days. Sitting right on the west coast, it maintains Canada's relaxed vibe and is only about a three hour drive, across the border, from the bohemian city of Seattle.

There's also plenty to choose from on Canada's east coast. Toronto is the country's largest city, but despite its size remains very mellow and clean.

Sitting on the banks of the gigantic Lake Ontario, Toronto comes alive when the locals finish work and head to the waterfront or nearest patio bar to wile away the evening.

The east coast is also home the province of Quebec, Canada's partially autonomous, largely French-speaking region.

Both Quebec City and Montreal have plenty to offer sightseers, taking on much of France's love for rustic designs and fine eating and both are extremely welcoming of tourists.

Thomson is a great place to start looking for holidays in Canada for 2011, but most major travel agents offer a wide range of packages to the country.

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