Must see sights on holidays in Cairns Australia

Cairns is famous for being the 'Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef' and makes a fantastic base to explore North Queensland. Hiring a car will allow you to make day trips to some of the most scenic parts of Australia. If you're planning holidays in Cairns, Australia, here's a couple of places you shouldn't miss...

Daintree National Park

A World Heritage Site just three hours north of Cairns. It's one of the oldest rainforests on earth, and home to some incredible wildlife and rare plants not found anywhere else. Take a guided walk with an Aboriginal guide for a true insight into the beauty of the area, or spot huge saltwater crocodiles on a river cruise. Cross the Daintree River and enter the tropical paradise of Cape Tribulation - home of some of the oldest primary rainforest on earth.

Port Douglas

One hour north of Cairns and home to the picture-perfect Four Mile Beach. Its boutique shops and restaurants, laid back charm and tropical beauty make it a popular but low-key holiday town. Port Douglas is also a good place to explore the northern Great Barrier Reef - although it's slightly more expensive than trips from Cairns, the reef is less frequented and has a less commercial feel.

Atherton Tablelands

Incredible scenery dotted with artsy towns, one hour west of Cairns. Kuranda is the most popular for day trippers, but there are dozens to explore. Take a long walk and discover some of the region's hidden gems, including volcanic crater lakes and rainforest waterfalls.


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