Enjoying Summer Holidays in August

The majority of Brits take their holidays in August, and despite all the recent financial turmoil, flights and package holidays are still in high demand. Brits are looking for cost-effective deals at home and abroad, and although European destinations will always remain popular, there’s a growing trend for holidaymakers to travel farther afield.


Spain is by far the most popular country with the British. Places like Mallorca, Ibiza and Tenerife will always be packed with sun seeking Brits. For a comprehensive guide to destinations in Spain visit ihoppers.com. The quaint charm of Greece still holds a spell over the British, and they can’t get enough of lazy days, boat trips and tavernas.

Far Flung Destinations

August holidays to exotic destinations don’t have to cost a lot of money. Locations that previously experienced unrest and were designated as ‘no go zones’ have enjoyed a surprising surge in interest. Research shows that Internet searches on holidays in El Salvador, Bosnia Herzegovina and Rwanda has risen by as much as 40%. These appeal because they offer such low rates, as governments aim to lure tourists back and help their economies recover.

Domestic Deals

Many are also attracted by the great deals for August you can get for UK destinations. The most popular places are Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Scotland. For those looking for something different, consider taking a boating holiday in the Norfolk Broads, or staying in a ‘Yurt’ (Mongolian style tent) in Cornwall. For some interesting ideas on memorable holidays visit the Guardian.co.uk and read their article on ‘Unusual UK holidays.’

So whether you’re off to sunny Spain, venturing to the orient or staying at home, there’s a lot to choose from. Shop around, do your research and get the most out of your holidays in August.

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