10 reasons to book your holidays with Ice Lolly!

After a long dreary winter you should now have booked yourself a summer holiday. If not, you can still book your holidays with Ice Lolly. Icelolly.com is one of the UK's newest holiday comparison websites. They offer a range of holidays to suit everybody. So why should you book your holidays with Ice Lolly?

  1. They are a comparison website so you get the best value holidays from the UK's leading tour operators at the click of a button!
  2. They have hundreds of deals on UK holidays and hotels starting from just £9 per room.
  3. All European city breaks catered for with 2 night packages starting from just £69.
  4. Specialise in cancellations and last minute deals. Grab yourself a holiday abroad for just £79.
  5. Summer package holidays to many holiday destinations for the whole family! Prices start at just £129.
  6. They have a wide range of luxury cruise options available in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean from just £199 per person.
  7. If the sun is not your thing, why not book a ski trip from just £99 per person.
  8. Excellent deals on all inclusive packages worldwide. Prices as low as £129 for a week in the sun can often be seen!
  9. You can also compare travel insurance and car hire to make sure you get the best prices available!
  10. You will be booking your holidays with a professional, newly established travel company who will look after you for the duration of your journey!

So if you feel like going on holidays with Ice Lolly soon, book with icelolly.com!

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