Athens and Crete Holidays in Greece

Planning holidays in Greece requires planning. Most tourists want to include Athens before heading south to the island of Crete. There is plenty to do in both of these areas, so take your time choosing the attractions that appeal to you and your family or friends.


The Acropolis is in the centre of Athens at the top of a hill. Tickets cost €12 for those 19 years or older, but there are free admission days in March, April, May, June, September and November. Military service members receive free entry to the Acropolis. Visit odysseus.culture.gr to learn more about free admission days.

New Acropolis Museum (theacropolismuseum.gr) requires a €5 admittance fee, but the museum, renovated in 2009, is worth visiting. The museum's transparent flooring allow visitors to view the archaeological site below.

The Parthenon is one of the most popular attractions in Athens. The ancient ruins do have very steep steps. Crowds often keep the climb to a very slow pace, so those who walk slowly or tire easily should be able to handle the trip to the top. If you hate crowds, visit the Parthenon in the morning.


Aquaworld Aquarium (Aquaworld-Crete.com) costs €4 for children and €6 (2011 prices) for adults. The aquarium is in Hersonissos in Crete on Filikis Etirias 7. The aquarium houses a variety of reptiles and sea life, such as a Nile crocodile, Burmese python and tortoises.

Elafonissi Beach is a beautiful beach in Crete. The beach suits families with young children because of the shallower waters. Sun bed and umbrella rentals are available on the beach. There is a fee to use the beach. If you want a free beach, Balos Lagoon is a great choice, but it's a challenging ride to reach the path that leads to the lagoon.

Samaria Gorge National Park is a challenging walk down a 16 kilometre trail. The trail ends in Agia Roumeli, a coastal village. The trail is rocky at times and isn't for the inexperienced.

These are a sampling of the attractions you'll find in Athens and Create. When you book Holidays in Greece, take time to visit sites like Tripadvisor.co.uk and find the attractions and areas of interest to you.

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