Our pick of hotel holiday gems in Stockholm's Old Town

With its narrow streets, taverns, old statues and historic buildings, Gamla Stan, Stockholm's Old Town, is the oldest section of the Swedish capital, and the most charming.

Surrounded by water - the entire city consists of 14 islands - this quaint quarter is home to Stockholm Cathedral, the Stock Exchange, Royal Palace, Nobel Museum and House of Nobility.

It's a wonderful place to explore and if you want to stay there too, there is a range of hotels to choose in Gamla Stan. Here are four great little holidays gems that we came across on our travels.

  • Victory Hotel - This exclusive hotel has a distinctly nautical theme, with a private collection of marine antiques and rooms named after Swedish naval captains. Guests can learn more thanks to the photographs and ship models in each room. The Victory has appeared on the Condé Nast Traveller's Gold List.
  • Rica Hotel - A 17th century building located close to Stockholm Cathedral, this hotel boasts fantastic views of the city from its roof terrace. The crisp and comfy, unmistakably Swedish-style blue and white décor is complemented by Wi-Fi internet access.
  • Lady Hamilton - Situated next to the Royal Palace, this dainty and romantic hotel houses a collection of Swedish antiques along with folk art painting from Dalarna. To celebrate Sweden's provincial floral symbols, each room has been given the name of a flower. The Emma bistro serves snacks and local dishes including herring.
  • First Hotel Reisen - Just five minutes from the shopping area, this modern hotel has its own restaurant, cocktail bar and spa. Many of the guestrooms offer spectacular views of the waterways, while others have a jacuzzi or sauna.

 (photo © Flickr)

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