Book Cheap Holidays from LBA This Summer

Located at Yeadon, the Leeds Bradford International Airport is the largest airport within Yorkshire. If you are based in this area, it would obviously be more convenient to book holidays from LBA than having to go to London to catch your flight. Fortunately, there are many travel websites that offer affordable holidays with flights from Leeds, so you will have plenty of options for this summer.

At sunshine.co.uk you can find numerous cheap holidays departing from the Leeds Bradford Airport. You can choose a holiday in Gran Canaria, at the Tisalaya Park Hotel in Maspalomas, with prices starting from £192 for seven nights per person. This is a self-catered holiday and the hotel amenities include a restaurant, swimming pools for adults and children, a fitness room, two tennis courts as well as a games room. The hotel is located approximately 40 km from the airport and 1.7 km from the beach.

Another website that offers holidays from LBA is directline-holidays.co.uk, where you can book a holiday to Corfu from £ 335 per person. One of the accommodation options you get is at the Bogias Studios and Pool. This property is located off the main road to Kavos, alively resort full of restaurants, tavernas, discos and bars. The beach islocated right near the studios and there are three pools available to all guests at approximately 30 metres away from the property.

By booking holidays with flights from LBA, you will spare yourself the trouble of travelling to a distant airport. This way, you will feel the holidays begins quicker!

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