Book Easyjet flights for Denmark holidays from Gatwick

A leisurely exploration of the delightful city of Copenhagen and the Danish province of Zealand make a change from the usual European holidays. From Gatwick to Copenhagen is an easy 2 hour flight, with bargain fares easy to come by.

Easyjet (www.easyjet.com) offers direct flights from London Gatwick to Copenhagen. The cheapest fares are £24.99 for the outbound journey and £14.99 for the return leg, including taxes. It is possible, travelling with hand baggage, to get a round-trip ticket for less than £40, although there is an additional charge for credit card payments.

Copenhagen is a city for strolling and shopping, and taking in the beautiful old architecture clustered around the canals. It's like a demure version of Amsterdam, with the famous Little Mermaid statue rather coy and small on her rocky pedestal in the harbour.

No longer just about bacon and butter, the city has become a gourmet destination, with lots of impressive and innovative restaurants springing up, offering fusion cuisine, or variations on the Danes' traditional culinary strong suits; fish and dairy products.

Take the train north up the coast to Helsingor, Shakespeare's Elsinore, the setting for Hamlet.  Kronborg Castle is still an imposing and moody fortress, staring across the Øresund and warning the Swedes not to get any ideas.

Further westwards the idyllic, dune-protected seaside village of Tisvildeleje makes a very tranquil escape. There are scenic walking paths through ancient forests and heather-covered fields that will remind you of Scotland.

With Copenhagen as a starting point, and plentiful Easyjet flights, a whole range of Danish holidays from Gatwick is possible. For more ideas and information on Copenhagen, including tips on hotels, theatres, restaurants and bars, go to www.visitcopenhagen.com.

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