Holidays from Belfast to Jersey: Which choice best suits you?

You know, it's odd how the same sentences can have different meanings, even if all the people involved speak the same language. Speak to a British person about Jersey and it might stir thoughts of a the most well-known of the Channel islands, a historical crown dependency, known for it's mild climate, many tourist sites and it's boutique island festival. An American confronted with the words “Jersey Shore”...well, not so much. Suffice to say that the former offer a much more pleasant tourist destination than the latter!

You've got several options when booking your holidays from Belfast to Jersey. First, if you're looking for the steady hand of experience, you can let a tour operator book your holiday for you. If you visit the very appropriately named www.jersey.com, then on the “getting there” tab you can access a wealth of information about the numerous companies that specialise in providing excellent holidays from Belfast to Jersey. There's a whole range of prices available ranging from £239 for an off-season weekend break up to over £2000 for an all inclusive bells and whistle trip, so be sure to shop around to get a holiday that suits your needs at the right price.

But if you're the sort of person that likes to take charge, then you need to be aware that while Jersey airport is served by all the big airports like Gatwitck and Dublin, there also direct flights right from Belfast! Flybe (www.flybe.com) and Jet2 (www.jet2.com) run seasonal flights from Belfast-International to Jersey Airport. Prices vary depending on how far ahead you book and on how flexible but if you're patient you can flights for as low as £20 per person each way!

Which ever way you decide to go, you're not going to be disappointed by your choice. Which is more than you can say for the people that decided to check out Jersey Shore on TV!

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