Holidays for Widowed Parents

Losing a loved can be a very painful and difficult experience. This can be especially hard if you have a child or children and are now learning how to readjust to being a single parent. What used to be easy activities such as going on holidays with the children, may now seem overwhelming to even consider.

To help ease the stress of planning, Widowed and Young (WAY) offers organized holidays for its members throughout the year. There are annual trips to Central Parcs in Sherwood Forest, New Year’s skiing trips and many others. This is a great way to be around a supportive group of people who may have a better understanding of what you are going through than even friends and family.

Care for the Family is another family holiday destination for widows whose partners have died early in life and have dependent children. The Beacon Centre at Lee Abbey near Lynton is where children can enjoy the holiday by participating in various activities such as rock climbing, tree abseiling and bushcraft. Different weeks throughout the summer are catered to different ages, so find a week that is most suitable for you.

Families Activity Breaks (FAB) is specifically for bereaved military families. Children up to the age of 19 are invited to participate in archery, orienteering, horse riding, canoeing/kayaking, windsurfing and much more. There are locations in Coverack in Cornwall and Whitby in North Yorkshire which accept around 50 families per year.

There are many different holiday options out there depending on your needs. Some of you may be looking for a holiday where you can be supported by other families in similar situations while others may be looking for a complete getaway. For some widowed parents, inviting family and friends is another option to make your holiday with your children that much easier.

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