Holidays for single parents

Taking a holiday with the children as a single parent can be tricky and stressful. Thankfully, there are many companies and a lot of advice available that can help make your family trip go that much smoother. Here is a look at a few ideas that may help as you plan your next trip.

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Singlewithkids.co.uk is a popular website that offers a number of trips for single parents. Each trip is unique from the others with a huge variety to cater for all tastes. New Forest, for example, is a trip on offer where you can set up camp for around £49 for the weekend and enjoy the natural surroundings of the woods. There are free roaming ponies to avail of and an extensive forest to explore. Children will love the chance to ride their bikes on the car free cycle tracks and explore nature a little bit closer up.

Single Parents on Holiday offers a wide range of trips specifically created for single parents. They will make sure you are set up in a family friendly hotel where all of your activity planning, transportation and other needs are taken care of. One of the many trips they offer is to Sardinia, Italy which includes a balanced combination of beach time and activities for you and wee ones.

Another place that is closer and far more convenient for your next holiday is Cornwall. If you camp around Treloan, you can spend the day exploring the nearby villages, cliffs and coves. Back at the campground, don't be afraid to sign the kids up for various workshops in things like foraging and stain glassing and after they are done, they can enjoy feeding the animals. During peak season the campground also offers fireside sessions each and every night.

If you are looking for a trip where you can be around single parents that may have the same interests as you, look for an activity based holiday. There are plenty of companies that offer a wide range of holidays that can meet your needs and are aimed at making your trip relaxing for you as well as your children.

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