Holidays for poor families

Family holidays tend to be associated with being expensive but they do not have to be. For those who may not be that financially well off or are simply trying to save some money, here are a few ideas on how to have a fun and memorable family holiday without breaking the bank.

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Find a Holiday spot close to home

You do not have to fly across an ocean to have a good time. All too often people feel that holidays need to be spent somewhere exotic and new, but there may be some true gems waiting to be discovered right in your backyard. Become local tourists and see new things that you have not taken the time to explore before. Teach your children about the local history of your area. You and the family will gain a new appreciation for your hometown in the process. Also, having a holiday destination that you can drive to saves you having to worry about the financial and emotional stress of flying and renting a car.

Cheap lodging

Driving also provides you with the option of taking day trips so you can avoid spending money on lodging. Or better yet, why not camp? This gives the children space to expend all their energy while experiencing nature and it saves you money to boot! Plus there is nothing like sitting around a campfire and roasting marshmallows. You can also get a bit of help from friends that have a camper van or a caravan and by borrowing one of these you have instantly saved on accomodation. If these are not options though, look into staying in hostels where you are planning to visit and remember to ask about rooms for families. There are also hospitality exchange websites that are becoming quite popular and are a free option once your hosts don't mind families.

Save on Food

Be smart with your shopping and restaurant choice while on holiday. Rather than eating in restaurants for every meal, cook your own meals at hostels or campsites and make going out to restaurants a rare and special event during your vacation. This does take some planning in advance but it will help with budgeting the vacation, so pre-plan your meals and buy accordingly.

Entertainment/ Activities

Look for free or inexpensive activities to do in and around your destination. Perhaps there are free museums, galleries, parks, parades and other events that are happening. National Parks are also a great option, which will get the family exercising and enjoying nature as a unit. There may be great fishing holes, biking trails or hikes - all of which are free! - that the kids could be interested in too so listen to their opinions.

There are many ways to have a great holiday with the family and not have it cost an arm and a leg. Look at the options around you, see where you can cut costs, find free events that everyone can enjoy and make the most out of it. Spend time together and enjoy each other's company! Have a great bargain-basement holiday!

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