Holidays for over 55s: discounts and destinations

Over 55s looking to travel and take a holiday are in a very privileged position. Usually, over 55s have more flexibility over their holiday time from work thanks to seniority or if retired then are in the position of being able to travel whenever the best deals pop up.

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Being able to take advantage of off peak deals is a speciality of www.travel55.co.uk. You can find holidays at 7% discount for those over 55 to glorious locations around England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales as well as stunning locations around Europe such as the Algarve, Amsterdam, Flanders, Majorca, Venice and Bavaria.

The holidays on offer from Travel 55 can be short term coach tours or longer 1 week or 2 week breaks abroad. Travel 55 also have River Cruises on rivers like the Rhine and rivers in the Baltic. Or why not head on a Sea Cruise in breathtaking places like the Mediterranean, Alaska, Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands.

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Another great resource for over 55s looking to book value holidays is Verdant Leisure. You can avail of discounts of £20 per week or £10 per break if there is any member of your travel party over the age of 55. These special offers apply to holidays outside the peak summer season between June and August. Check out the holiday packages on offer through Verdant at www.verdantleisure.co.uk.

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