Holidays for 99 pounds here!

Holidays for 99 pounds can be a bit of a big ask as far as trips abroad are concerned. The good news is that you can have an amazing holiday in the UK for only £99!

You might not think that £99 can get you a decent holiday but how does two-nights BB for two people tickle your fancy? That's less than a hundred quid for two days of free breakfasts and two great nights in a beautiful bed and breakfast.

The Etrop Grange Hotel in Cheshire is a stunning Georgian mansion that has been converted into a beautiful B&B. Normally this type of package would cost over £300 so there is some serious savings to be made here.

This B&B is located just minutes from the Manchester airport so you can check in straight after you land. Don't worry about noise pollution either, the Etrop is very cleverly located to be out of sight and away from any flight paths.

When it comes to B&B's the bedroom is probably the most important part of the whole deal. You will not be disappointed with the bedrooms at the Etrop. All rooms are air-conditioned with free WiFi, they are large and each has an ensuite. Of course you will have a television and tea and coffee making facilities so you really have everything you could need right there in the bedroom.

When it comes to getting holidays for 99 pounds they are few and far between. Luckily some people still believe in discount holidays and The Etrop is offering something truly special. Hit up the 'Etrop hotel' website and book yourself in while the offer is still on!

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