How to book bargain holidays departing today!

Holidays departing today

The days of booking holidays months, even years, in advance seem to be a thing of the past. Today, last minute breaks are taking the world by storm and provide travellers with the opportunity to benefit from huge discounts. If you are looking for holidays departing today then read on for information on where to find the best deals.

Your first port of call for holidays departing today should be Icelolly.com. Founded in 2006, Icelolly.com is an online UK agency representing a host of leading travel companies and offering literally thousands of holiday packages. The website is especially useful for people who are not concerned about the destination. All you have to do to see the day’s best deals is log onto the website and click on the ‘Search and Compare now’ button. You will then be presented with an extensive list of packages ranging from beach vacations in Greece to Caribbean cruises.

Another specialist in last-minute holidays is First Choice. When opening the website go directly to the ‘LateDeals’ tab. One click here will produce a list of over 30,000 holiday offers. Updated once every morning, the list includes holidays departing today and for the following 6 weeks. Through First Choice it is often possible to benefit from savings of up to £400 per couple. For a full list of todays deals visit www.firstchoice.co.uk.

Now you know how to book your last-minute holiday, all you have to do is pack your bag, click the button and get to the airport on time!

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