The best holidays for a cruise

Need some inspiration for your next holidays for a cruise? You can't go far wrong with these cruise ships...

Crystal Serenity

Luxuriously elegant yet somehow still comfortable, the Crystal Serenity boasts modern design, sumptuous dining and attentive service. It does a world tour every year.

Royal Clipper

Hop aboard the world's largest sailing ship for a once in a lifetime experience. This work of art is an exact replica of the five masted Prussian. If you're felling brave you can even climb the crow's nest!

MS Columbus

This three star liner offers superb value for money, and consistently receives glowing reviews from guests. Expect friendly staff, excellent amenities and mouth watering meals.

Silver Whisper

All drinks and meals are included in your ticket price, meaning that you won't have to touch your wallet for the whole length of your stay. Dining is relaxed and informal, and staff are friendly and attentive.

Liberty of the Seas

The Liberty of the Seas is the newest addition to the Royal Caribbean's portfolio. It's currently the biggest passenger ship in the world and offers everything from a skating rink to a boxing ring.

The Queen Mary 2

This famous ship houses the only 'floating planetarium' and the largest art collection at sea. It's also the only ship running the historical transatlantic journey between Europe and the USA.

The MS Europa

The MS Europa is consistently named as the best cruise ship in the world. That's probably down to the huge suites with balconies, free spa treatments, personal trainer and golf pro, round the clock menus and star chefs.


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