Holidays in Cairns Australia: top restaurants

With a sublime location of the North Queensland coast, it is no surprise that Cairns is a seafood lover's paradise. But it's also a real melting point of a range of different cultures, and the dining options really reflect this. For a memorable dining experience on your holidays in Cairns, Australia, head to one of these top restaurants. Our recommendations offer something for everyone!

Piccolo Cucina - Experience classical Italian cuisine at its finest in this ever-popular restaurant, owned by Italian immigrants. There's a spacious outdoor seating area that takes full advantage of a great location (and of course, that sunny Cairns climate!). The menu offers all the classics and some modern twists.

Bushfire Flame Grill - If you're a meat lover with a big appetite, Bushfire Flame Grill is for you. Meat is cut right at your table, and the waiters keep going until you've had your fill. There's a relaxed dining style that gives a real vacation vibe. Wear a stretchy waist band!

Hanuman - Located in the Hilton Hotel, this is a great choice for lovers of Asian Fusion food. The rich, dark tones and striking artwork create an exotic atmosphere, which is perfectly matched by the menu and wine list (which offers an excellent range of Australia labels).

Bayleaf - This award winning Balinese restaurant offers authentic flavours and a tropical ambience. It's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Devine Gelato - Sweet tooth? Get to Devine Gelato, pronto! You'll find real flavour, a huge variety, a delicious consistency and friendly staff.


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