Book holidays in Berlin

Search online to find and book holidays in Berlin for the coming winter and for next summer. Book flights, transfers, and accommodation independently to get the best prices on short breaks and holidays in Berlin. Whether you are booking for a last minute trip, or whether you're looking to book now for a longer break in Berlin in the coming year, by using online search facilities to look for flights and accommodation, you can find great deals and super cheap prices.

Skyscanner.net is one of the best sites on the internet for searching cheap flight to Berlin. When searching for flights with Skyscanner it pays to be flexible on flight dates. Options allow you to search for flights by whole year, by whole month, or for specific dates. If you can also be flexible on which UK airport you can depart from, there are also further savings to be made. As an example, a return flight from Liverpool with Easyjet during December can be found for as little as £55.00. A flight for the same time frame from London Heathrow cost £90.

For accommodation, try booking private apartments and flats at airbnb.com. the site lists hundreds of properties from private owners who have either a spare room or a full apartment or home available in Berlin. Examples include a one bedroom apartment in the popular Mitte district for only 40 euro per night. Most accommodation on airbnb.com is booked per unit, not per person which means people travelling to Berlin in a group can make big saving compared to the price of a stay in a traditional hotel.

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