Cheap holidays available in UK in August

Are you trying to bring your family on holiday this summer on a budget? Have you considered taking them somewhere in the UK? There are a huge number of cheap holidays available in UK in August. In this blog we'll be taking a look at some of the brilliant things you and your family can do on a Blackpool Holiday this summer.

Blackpool never goes out of fashion as a UK holiday destination, and it's easy to see why! It's cheap, in a great location, has miles of sandy beaches, and promises a great time every time you visit. If you're caught in two minds about Blackpool as a holiday destination, then we've rounded up a few of the unbelievable activities you'll be able to enjoy if you go. Here's just a small sample.

The first place you need to check out is the venerable Blackpool Tower. The tower is open all-year-round for people to venture up, while there's also the magnificent Ballroom for adults to check out while kids are bust at Jim's Towering Adventureland. For information on booking a trip to the tower, visit the Blackpool Tower webpage at - http://www.visitblackpool.com/site/attractions/the-blackpool-tower-p5892.

Our next suggestion is to time your trip to co-incide with the stunning world famous Blackpool Illuminations. These sparkling lights are turned on for 66 nights each year from September to November, and simply have to be seen to be believed. The lights will be switched on Friday September 2nd, so make sure you don't miss this stunning occasion!


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