Holidays with all inclusive hotels in Mexico

After calculating the costs of flights, accommodation and restaurants for Cancun holidays, all inclusive Mexico packages often prove a more economical option. With many all-inclusive resorts also including excursions and extras as part of the deal, it can make sense to choose this kind of package for that Mexico trip.

Margarita time

Cancun is an increasingly popular destination with British holidaymakers. Combining great beaches, lively nightlife and the stunning Mayan ruins of the Yucatan, it has something for everybody. Some of the best deals on Cancun holidays are the all inclusive Mexico packages.

Cheap prices

Travel companies like Thomas Cook and Club Med offer all inclusive holidays in their Cancun brochures, but it is also worth considering booking an accommodation and meal deal with the resorts themselves and taking advantage of some of the cheap charter flight offers for Cancun travel.

Many of the all inclusive resorts in Cancun are targeted at the American market. Keen competition keeps prices down, particularly out of season. Resorts like the Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe, the Villa Del Palma Beach Resort and Spa or the Iberostar offer excellent all inclusive deals.

The resorts differ widely in character so it's important to study their websites carefully to find the right fit. Some accentuate family fun, others are for romantic couples' getaways. Some boast lively nightlife, others offer a tranquil refuge from boisterous Cancun.

Cuisine tends to offer a compromise between familiar American fare and authentic Mexican dishes. There will often be theme nights and the range of food is usually broad enough to suit most tastes.

All-important extras

For satisfying holidays, all inclusive Mexico packages should also offer entertainment and excursions. Many resorts will feature traditional music and performances, but in this region excursions to the Mayan ruins, particularly Chichen Itza, are a must. Check whether these are included in your package or whether there are additional charges.

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