What to Pack for Holidays Abroad

Whether you plan on spending holidays abroad studying the rich culture or backpacking across the foreign country, you must know how to pack for the excursion. While different destinations and situations may call for different types of packing, the essential elements remain the same.

  • Necessities: When traveling abroad you cannot forget to pack your passport, visa and travel ticket. You will also need your driver's license, which you can use for identification and traveling purposes. If your visa requires it, you will also need to pack proof of your travel insurance. These things are necessary for travel. You may find yourself unable to depart from your home country, or stuck in your destination country if you lose or forget these items.
  • Clothing: What type of clothing you pack largely depends on where you go and how you spend your holiday abroad. Always find a way to pack a swimsuit; you never know when it will come in handy. Also, try to keep shoes to a minimum. Two to three pairs will be sufficient, including the pair you wear while traveling to your destination. Shoes like those found on vibramfivefingers.com work great when traveling.
  • Helpful Non-essentials: Consider bringing along an iPod or interesting book. This will help you occupy your time during a long wait. If you need a guidebook, but don't want to carry around an extra book, visit worldtravels.com on your iPhone for a mobile, free guidebook. You may also want to bring a journal and a pen along to develop a travel journal of your trip.

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