Bad news for anyone who was looking to book a holiday with Holidays 4 U

Unfortunately for lovers of holiday bargains, well regarded package operater Holidays 4 U has been forced to close up shop after a number of years in business due to the current cut throat nature of the travel industry. This is a massive blow to the package holiday market as it leaves a big gap where Holidays 4 U once operated.

The news about the company's closure came through on August 3rd 2011, when Joint Administrators Ian Oakley-Smith and David Chubb were appointed to the company to act as as insolvency practitioners by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. This has left thousands of holidaymakers inconvenienced as they had holidays booked with the company, and it has left hundreds of staff out of a job. If you were a customer who had money handed over, or you are a creditor owed cash by the company, then we recommend you check out the special page set up by the administrators at http://www.pwc.co.uk/eng/issues/holidays_4_uk.html#ns_source=site_search.

If you were about to book with Holidays 4 U, then you are probably wondering what other travel companies offer such outstanding bargains? We suggest pointing your browser towards Co-Op Travel at www.cooptravel.co.uk/. The Co-Op are the UK's cheapest package tour provider, and they reach this level of outstanding bargains due to the fact they scour the holiday market to find you the absolute best bargains out there on holidays. they also have an oustanding late deals section that should be able to make even further savings for you!

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