Recommended Holiday Websites

There are generally three types of holiday websites sourced from Timesonline.co.uk. First are websites that offer great deals and discounts. Second are those that let’s you search and book for hotels easily. The third types are holiday rating websites with user reviews and blogs. It’s best to browse through all of them to see which website appeals more to you.

Travelsupermarket.com has a comprehensive list of deals. Right at their homepage is a list of top deals per week, as well as deals on hotels, car hire, insurance, and even parking. You can also customize your search to fit your budget. Expedia.co.uk is a large travel company and offers nectar points for every booking and can be used later on. You can also sign up to Travelzoo.co.uk to receive regular email updates on the weekly Top 20 deals.

If you’re looking for hotel accommodation, the top placer is Tripadvisor.co.uk. It’s a large travel review site, with inputs by travelers from all over the world. You can choose hotels by the beach, by the city, or in international destinations. They list hotels according to review ranking and show photos, amenities, and comparison of rates. Goodhotelguide.com is a similar site that lets you pick a hotel by location or you can just click on the map. I-escape.com highlights hip and attractive boutique hotels and they have articles written by their team of travelers.

For a more personalized travel communities, check out Gridskipper.com, Spottedbylocals.com and Travel-rants. Com and converse with fellow travelers.

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