Travel Tips: Dealing With Unexpected Holiday Weather in St. Andrews

When you only packed clothes for the beach on your short break, but you arrive only to realize that it will rain the whole holiday, the weather will successfully ruin your holiday. However, if you know how to plan ahead for holiday weather then you can enjoy your break regardless of what the weather brings your way. We take a holiday in St. Andrews, Scotland as an example:

  • Check the Forecast: The biggest mistake that travelers make regarding the weather is failing to check the weather forecast before departure. While you may assume that West Sands in St. Andrews, Scotland will feature sunny skies and a warm temperature all week, but in reality a rainstorm may come through and destroy your beach plans. Check the forecast before you leave. The Weather Channel (uk.weather.com) features forecast information for the UK and Ireland. Check the 10-day forecast before you leave to know how to pack for your holiday.
  • Don't Be Discouraged and have a back up plan: While you may have wanted to go for the infamous White Sands beach, if you find out that the weather provides unfavorable beach conditions do not feel discouraged. St. Andrews, Scotland (standrews.co.uk) features a deep rooted, rich history, as do many European cities on the Med that one would normally visit for a sun holiday. From medieval murder mystery museums to golf museums, this city has something for everyone. With castles, small cafes and an aquarium you will find plenty of things to do to make up for lost beach time.

And, of course, if the weather cooperates throughout your stay, make plans to visit the infamous White Sands beach! You will find plenty of things to do in St. Andrew's regardless of what your holiday's weather may bring.

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