Holiday villas in South West France

Choosing Your Location

Many holidaymakers looking for villas in the South West of France do so because they wish to capitalise on the sandy white beaches that characterise its coastline.

Beach holidays are particularly enjoyable for families or those travelling with children as it gives them an instant and obvious attraction and activity each and every day.

Visitors looking to stay in beach villas in the South West of France should look to find their perfect town or village to stay in, such as Capbreton, Vielle-Saint-Girons or Soulac-sur-Mer.

Travellers who are not planning to visit during the warmer summer months or who are looking for a city break should look at the cities of Bordeaux or Toulouse, which are the only two major cities in the South West of France.


Finding Your Villa Accommodation

Once you have chosen your ideal town or area in the South West of France, you are ready to start searching for your perfect villas in the South West of France.

Use websites such as Frenchaffair.com/France, Frenchconnections.co.uk and Qualityvillas.com before entering your chosen location to call up a list of suitable villas.

Alternatively, visit the website or the high street presence of United Kingdom travel agents, such as Thomas Cook, Thomson or Co Op Travel.

Ask a travel agent at any one of these stores if they have any special deals or prices on villas in the South West of France. Furthermore, you should look to see if you could make an additional saving by booking an all in one or package deal for your holiday.

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