Enjoy the Aegean with a holiday villa in Turkey

A holiday villa in Turkey guarantees a sunny summer break. It needn't be all about lying on a beach looking at the turquoise Aegean though. Turkey's beach resorts are surrounded by the relics of ancient history, ensuring that there are interesting archaeological sites to explore on those days when you have had enough of languid relaxation.

Aegean idyll

Many British holidaymakers are content to spend long afternoons lying by the infinity pool at their holiday villa in Turkey. For some though, the attraction of Turkey's Aegean coast lies in its connection to classical history.

The unassuming resort of Gümüşlük, west of Bodrum, has a quiet coastal strip of restaurants, a few shops and plenty of holiday villas nearby. In ancient times though it was the important fortress town of Myndos.

There are no obvious ruins, but there are traces of the ancient city along the cape, and on Rabbit island. Tour boat operators will offer to show visitors the remnants of an ancient mosaic just below the waterline.

While Bodrum and its developments are brash and loud, catering for tourists who want British food, pubs and nightlife, Gümüşlük is more staid.

The fish restaurants on the shore are excellent, but it can be a little expensive to dine there every night. Alternatively pick up some cheap kebabs, or the superb 'gözleme', the pancakes filled with meat or cheese that are made while you wait.

Excursions to neighbouring villages offer a touch of variety from those lazy afternoons in the villa. Kadikalesi is a beautiful village surrounded by tangerine groves, with the finest beach in the region.

Bargain flights

The attraction of a holiday villa in Turkey is increased by the increasing availability of cheap flights to Bodrum from a number of UK regional airports. Book well ahead for the best deals. Villa rental costs are substantially lower in May or September, when the heat is also a little less fierce.

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