Holiday romances: sun, sand, sea and staying power?

Pauline Collins as Shirley Valentine showed a generation what amorous antics they could get up to on the holiday of a lifetime but also what happens when the flame of passion (and the hotel bar's 'happy hour') runs out.

A recent poll conducted by travel agency TripAdvisor has revealed that over half of all Britons, i.e.,58%, fall for a foreign fling whilst on holiday. However, with the last days of their trip fast approaching, many of these relationships do not last - a whopping great 93%, the Daily Mail reveals.

And the object of these affections? 36% of UK travellers were seduced by the exotic wiles of a local, although 22% played it safe with a fellow tourist of another nationality.

Couples, however, fare the worst on holidays: 'less than half of couples report having more sex while they are on holiday.' 20% also reported to have had numerous rows whilst staying at their longed-for resort.

Our advice for singletons dreaming of romance this Summer? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Literally.

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