The Benefits of Reading Holiday Reviews Before Making a Booking

Every traveler should make sure that they read holiday reviews of travel destinations, attractions, activities, hotels and airlines before they make a booking. People who take the time to read holiday reviews will avoid scams and unpleasant experiences.

Firstly it is important for travelers to know that there are many scams out there. One example of a scam that has affected holidaymakers in the past is when a person takes a deposit for a holiday home and vanishes. In this circumstance travelers are left without a deposit and accommodation for their much anticipated holiday. Another more common problem that travelers can run into is the attraction or hotel that they are visiting being less than what they expected. Many people have gone to budget hotels and hostels and found that the property was vastly different from what was advertised on their website. These problems can generally be avoided by reading the experiences of past customers.

The best website to read reviews on is Tripadvisor.com. This website has hundreds of thousands of reviews published on hotels, airlines, travel agents, attractions and sights. Many users also post pictures of the destination or hotel that they are reviewing. This allows readers to see if the hotel matches what is on their website. Currently there are no other websites that are used as much as Trip Advisor for travel reviews so travelers should make sure that they visit this website. Another less comprehensive review website is Virtualtourist.com. While this website is useful, it pales in comparison to Trip Advisor.

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