Get The Best Deals Using Holiday Price Comparison Sites

Holiday price comparison sites provide you with the best discounts and deals to save you money on your next trip. Using a holiday price comparision site will also save you time because all the deals are located in one place. These sites have grown in popularity, but with a few tips you’ll be able to find the lowest prices available for your next holiday.

Best Price ComparisonSites for Hotel Deals

Hotelscombined.com allows you to find hotel deals, sorted by a hotel’s star-rating. This will allow you to find high-quality hotel rooms at rock-bottom prices. Or, you can search a specific hotel and find the cheapest room rate for that hotel on a specific date, on any website. This option saves you a lot of research time because it does all the work for you.

Hotelly.com is wonderful because it provides videos of about half of the hotels listed. It also indicates if tax is included in the price or not, which is very helpful for those that don’t want to be surprised when they see the final price.

Trivago.co.uk has reputation of having the cheapest hotel rooms available online. This site collates the results of hundreds of travel sites, including Skoosh and Expedia, as well as specific hotel websites. Also listing discounted hotel deals all in one place, the more famous hotelclub.com and laterooms.com are a great holiday price comparison sites.

Best Price Comparison Sites for Flight Deals

There is no need to spend hours on the computer with 20 different windows open, just to find the best-priced airline ticket to the destination of your choice. Kayak.com is a price comparison site that scans the Internet for the lowest priced airfares by comparing both full-fare and budget airlines around the world. You can indicate your departure and destination locations and kayak.com will notify you when prices drop.

Moneysavingexpert.com has a flightchecker in which you chose any destination in Europe and it will tell you which dates are the cheapest to travel. The drawback is that it only searches flights available on nine European budget airlines. For those looking to holiday within Europe, it’s a great place to shop for a deal.

Skyscanner.net also allows you to search thousands of flights to find the best deal. At this website, you enter the dates that you’d like to travel and they will provide you with the cheapest destination on those dates, simply by choosing the “show me anywhere function”.

Best Price Comparison Sites for Package Deals

You can save money on your next holiday if you purchase a package deal, where your accommodation and flights are combined together for one price. While the majority of holiday price comparison sites are geared towards booking each aspect of your trip separately, travelsupermarket.com has a fabulous price comparison function. This site will find the cheapest package deal from the bigger operators, including Thomas Cook and Thomson.

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