Holiday Parks In UK With Fishing Amenities

Here is a run through of what you need incase you don’t know them yet. You need a rod license from the Environmental Agency to be able to fish on UK canals and rivers. One license is valid for two rods, a third and fourth rod requires another license. Going beyond that numberis not allowed. Price will range from £27 to £72.

Fishing in holiday parks on the other hand usually only requires a day ticket. If you’re in Cornwall, White Acres HolidayPark is a popular destination. It boasts of 13 fishing lakes located in a 184-acre land. In Devon, there’s Riviera Bay and Peppermint Park. Sandhills Holiday Park in Dorset offers sea fishing at its beachfront and harbour fishingat Mudeford Quay at the back.

The area around Essex also offers coarse and sea fishing like Oaklands Holiday Park, St. Osyth Beach Seawick, and Steeple Bay. Harts, Sheerness, New Beach and Marlie Farm are some of the different sea fishing sites in Kent. Carp fishing is made easy in East and West Sussex. Coghurst HallHoliday Park has a large and small lake for pros and beginners. Rye Nook Fisheryhas many different lakes that include the Little Nook, Moorhen Lake the Nookand the Coean. The same can be said of Chichester Lakeside.

Visit websites like parkholidays.co.uk to search for holiday parks with fishing lakes nearest you. You could also opt for a more adventurous fishing outside the park by going on a one to six-day fishing trip to catch salmon in the Scotland rivers.

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