Ideas for Holiday Parks that Allow Dogs

A dog can be a great addition to the family but you need to think about what to do when you decide to go away. One option is to find holiday parks that allow dogs. There are a few scattered around the country but you will need to inform the staff when you are booking the accommodation.

Log cabins that offer self-catering are usually the places to look because the holiday park will not have to worry about feeding your pet. For those looking at travelling to Yorkshire, Lindale Park in Bedale is just one possibility. While prices start from £349, there are discounts for those who are making bookings for 2012. You can also save money by booking for a longer time at the cabin and over-55s can get a £20 discount.

Devon has some stunning scenery and there are some great holiday parks that allow dogs. Hilton Wood Lodges is just one on the list and the prices start from £355. There is a 10% discount for those who are looking for weekday bookings and a 25% discount on those booking for a party of four. The lodge is located close to the beach and many castles that have been important throughout history.

Landguard Holiday Park on the Isle of Wight is great for those with young families as well as pets. The prices start from as little as £234 depending on the length of time you want to stay and how many people are travelling; there are extra charges for the pets. The holiday park is full of fun, including a kid’s club, daily entertainment and a swimming pool.

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