Take a look at some of the holiday parks in Norfolk

  • federico stevanin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If you are interested in a holiday but want to stay in the country, maybe a stay in one of the many holiday parks in Norfolk is the thing for you.

Park holidays have traditionally been one of the favoured alternatives to going abroad for British holidaymakers. The can be as cost effective as the modern day budget foreign holiday, but without the hassle of the airport.

Resting on the east coast of England, Norfolk plays host to a number of holiday parks from which to choose. One such park is the 5 Star Vauxhall Holiday Park. This award winning park offers 8 chalets, 373 Holiday homes, 13 super pitches, and 200 standard pitches. This allows your many options on types of accommodation enabling you to customise your holiday directly for your needs.

Just to give you a taste of the prices of accommodation on offer: in its platinum range for 7 nights staying in the Plover, which sleeps 6, can cost €905 for 7 nights in July which is their peak season. Alternatively in the lower end of the price scale, also on offer is the bronze ranged Sandpiper, which also sleeps 6 and can cost as little as €570 for the same peak period.

If a stay in a holiday park is of interest to you but you want to shop around for somewhere that better suits your needs, check out www.holidayparkhols.co.uk. This site works as a database for all the parks throughout the UK and a few simple clicks will get you where you want to go.

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