Holiday Parks in the UK for Families

Holiday parks in the UK

With so many people now unable to afford holidays abroad, they are starting to look for exciting holidays in the UK. There are hundreds of holidays parks in the UK to choose from, which are able to offer kid’s clubs, adventure programmes and a variety of fun activities to do while away.

Haven holidays are extremely popular ventures and there are a number of Haven holiday parks in the UK. Haven parks have a kid’s club that runs throughout the day and in the evening, so parents can enjoy some time on their own and take part in the entertainment on a night. There are also competitions and games on an evening for the whole family to enjoy.

Butlins is another popular holiday park venture, which is very similar to Haven. There are parks all over the UK and the breaks can be as little as £44pp, depending on when you’re travelling and how long you stay for. You have the option to stay in one of the caravans or to choose a chalet on the site. There are events throughout the week and many of the parks are close to main towns and beaches.

Parkdean Holidays is another opportunity to take the family away in the UK. Many of the parks are in the south of England but there are also a handful in Wales and Scotland, if they are more of interest to you. You can save money by booking online and there are a number of last minute deals. If you book for a holiday in the last week of August 2011 or the first week of September 2011, it will cost you £146.

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