Take a look at some holiday parks in Dorset

Holiday parks in Dorset

Taking a holiday with the entire family can prove to be quite expensive and very stressful. From accommodation to travel, there are numerous details and costs that you need to consider when planning a summer holiday abroad. An excellent way to avoid all these issues is by considering staying at one of the many holiday parks in Dorset.  By doing this you take away the stress of dealing with airports, coupled with an affordable and fun holiday for all the family.

Dorset is an area of tremendous natural beauty, possessing a countryside of breath taking views. It is one of the coastal counties of the UK, with the regions coastline stretching approximately 140 kilometres. The stretch of coastal line allows Dorset to play host to some of the finest sandy beaches to be found in Britain.

To start off with, take a look at www.parkdeanholidays.co.uk. This award winning resort company operate in 24 locations throughout the UK, 3 of which are situated in Dorset. These being: Warmwell, Sandford and West Bay. Their prices can range from £1209 for 7 nights in their 2 bed roomed Colonial lodges during peak season. Alternatively if you have access to a caravan or camper van it is highly recommended you take advantage of the parks pitching facilities, especially when it cost as little as £208 for an entire week.

If you are still interested in staying in a holiday park in Dorset but want to broaden your search, take a look at www.holidayparksindorset.co.uk. This website is dedicated to holiday parks specifically in the Dorset region, holding lists of many deals and special offers available. As well as providing a calendar for all the events happening in the area, allowing you to make the most of your holiday.

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