Holiday parks, camping and caravaning in the Lyme Regis

Holiday parks, camping and caravaning in Lyme Regis are all great options as far as holidays go. Whether you are in a tent or a caravan a holiday park can make or break your whole trip. We have found two of the best holiday parks that Lyme Regis has to offer, let's have a look.

1. Monkton Wyld Farm Touring Caravan Park: As far as holiday parks go this doesn't really stand up. It doesn't have all of the facilities that you would expect from a decent holiday park. While it may not have all the gimmicks, this is a great place to stay.

The main selling point of Monkton is the chill out factor. It is a super peaceful area in the countryside with beautiful views of the surrounding area. There are some stunning walks through the countryside to be had here. If you are looking to getaway from packed parks and hoards of people then this is the perfect escape.

Enjoy a tranquil, relaxing stay at Monkton for as little as £30 a night in the main camping field. Check out their website (http://www.monktonwyld.co.uk) to find out all the prices and everything Monkton has to offer.

2. Shurubbury Park: The next place we have found is the Shurubbury Park (http://www.shrubberypark.co.uk/) holiday park. This is a much more child friendly environment. There is a lot going on in the surrounding area, a large playground with swings and slides, climbing equipment and crazy golf course are also great fun for the whole family.

The charge a lot less two, £10 for the motor home or tent for two and then £3 for each additional child. That means it should be under £20 for just about any family. They also have just about every facility you could want on site, just bring yourself and they will provide the rest.

Holiday parks, camping and caravanning in Lyme Regis done the right way. Check them out and see for yourself!

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