Ideas for Holiday Parks in Blackpool

Blackpool offers family entertainment and fun throughout the year so it makes sense to find places nearby to stay. There are a number of holidays parks in Blackpool that are family friendly – many of them are family orientated. Here are just three options that you can choose from.

Paringtons offers family entertainment throughout the year. The large parks offer caravans and chalets to stay in, depending on what interests you more. All of the holidays are self-catering, which is perfect for those that plan to be off the site during the day to enjoy the Blackpool entertainment. The park is extremely close to the beach, which is where most of the entertainment is held – including the infamous Pleasure Beach.

Marton Mere is a small holiday village in Blackpool and is perfect for families. It is full of static caravans that are available for hire at reasonable prices. This is not like most holiday parks in Blackpool; there is very little group entertainment offered but there is a large indoor swimming pool to enjoy and some peaceful places to just sit and listen to the world go by.

Poulton Plaiz is a popular holiday park for those that prefer to stay away from caravans. All the accommodation is in chalets that are perfect for families, especially those with young children. If you really enjoy your time there, you can also buy the small cottages so you’ve always got somewhere to go for a break. The park is self-catering, like many others, but there is entertainment during the evenings in the bar.

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