Enjoy a Great Holiday Park in Cornwall

Cornwall, being a place with a relatively favourable climate by UK standards, and an abundance of great places to see and things to do, has no shortage of holiday parks. The web is the best place to look for a cheap holiday park in Cornwall, since there are many web-exclusive deals there to book your ideal late summer break.

There are many online resources for finding holiday parks, such as ukparks.com, a complete directory of just about every holiday park in the UK. However, you may find yourself spoiled for choice. Another place to start is Haven.com, home to one of Britains old favourites for holiday parks. They have two holiday parks in Cornwall. Near the town of Hayle, they have a holiday park with prices starting at around £699 for August, though greatly decreasing towards the end of the summer. In Perranporth, they have a far cheaper park with August prices strating at £369.

Monkeytreeholidaypark.co.uk is another place worth looking at. Offering self-catering accommodation in their holiday park in Cornwall, in Newquay and other places, prices for August start from £415, dropping steadily towards the beginning of the off-season.

Parkdeanholidays.co.uk, another large holiday park company, also has a choice of holiday parks in Cornwall. Towards the end of the summer, short last-minute breaks can be had in their holiday park in Newquay for as little as £180. Longer breaks start at £366, though public holiday prices will increase.

Be aware that many of these deals are exclusive to the Internet so, to take advantage, you will need to book online.

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