Holiday packages can save you a packet!

Holiday packages now make up a huge 36 per cent of summer bookings, an increase of 31 per cent on 2010. That’s because they are proving to be just too tempting! One advantage is knowing that you’ve paid for your break in full before you leave; another is the security of booking a reputable package holiday rather than a do-it-yourself itinerary online if things go wrong.  If you’re grounded at the airport or your hotel is not as advertised, the holiday company is obliged to look after you.

There are some great deals around. Thomson (www.thomson.co.uk) has over 30,000 holiday deals on offer with departures in the next four weeks. How about a seven-night stay in the Georgia Apartment complex in Afandou, Rhodes, with return flights from Gatwick departing on the 14th of September, from just £205 per person? That must be one of he best deals around for August and saves you £154.

Easy Jet (www.holidays.easyjet.com), whose flight prices can go through the roof in August, started offering holiday packages this year. One of the cheapest deals we found was 7 nights in Nerja on the Costa del Sol in mid-September, with flights from Gatwick starting at around £150 per person. With prices like these, why stay at home?

And if you’re already planning next summer’s trip, First Choice (www.firstchoice.co.uk), is making its holidays all-inclusive from 2012. As of next summer, everything from flights to food, drinks and snacks will be included in your break. Families can save around £500 by choosing an all-inclusive package.

First Choice are currently offering April 2012 deals including seven nights in the Algarve from £264 and four nights in Cyprus from £323, an enticing price for an Easter break.  So check out Thomson, Easy Jet and First Choice for cheap holiday packages and save your hard-earned cash!

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