Grab a bargain holiday online at Travelzoo

If youre looking around for a last-minute break, or trying to get the best possible deal on a holiday online, Travelzoo can provide some excellent offers, from mini-breaks to long-haul exotic escapes.

Travelzoo (travelzoo.com) has a team of travel experts scouring the internet for the best deals on hotels, flights, cruises, package holidays, adventure holidays, entertainment packages and road and rail tickets.

You can check the site regularly for new deals, but the most effective way to make use of the Travelzoo service is to become a subscriber. It's free, just key in your details and email address and you'll be sent a weekly newsletter.

The newsletter rounds up the best 20 deals that week, along with any local specials for your area. It also lets you know about the special theme on the website that week, from ski trips to spa hotels, Eastern Europe to South Africa.

For flight deals, Travelzoo use the fly.com website which collates information on all the airlines, including budget carriers, with routes to your chosen destination, and comes up with the lowest prices.

Travelzoo is of most use to those flexible travellers who can drop everything at short notice, pack their bags and take advantage of a great travel deal, with discounts often exceeding 50% of the normal price.

Recent examples of Travelzoo's holiday online deals include a £725 saving an an Hawaii and Alaska cruise, a £150 saving on an all-inclusive Crete holiday, and a £55 deal for a stay in a Folkestone hotel including dinner and a day trip to France.

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