Sites offering bargains on holiday lettings in Antalya

Looking for a bit of inspiration on where to take your next holiday abroad? One of the biggest secrets kept by savvy holidaymakers in recent years has been the beautiful holiday resort of Antalya in Turkey, but the cat is out of the bag now, and more and more people are flocking to this paradise by the sea. If you fancy taking a look at it yourself, then we are here to help as we help you find somewhere to stay in the resort with our guide to holiday lettings Antalya.

Unlike the other major Turkish resort of Kusadasi, Antalya hasn't yet become a massively expensive place to stay, giving you a host of opportunities to pick up a bargain on a holiday rental in the area. We have taken a look at all of your choice for sites offering great rates on hotels, and we have picked out the best out there to get you a deal.

The first of these sites is the Antalya Hotels website at http://www.antalyahotels.com/. This website provides a directory of all the hotels in the Antalya area, and allows you to take a look at each of them, and their current offers and vacancies. If you are sorting out a holiday yourself and avoiding the package route, then this is the website to check out.

If you are more in the market for a bargain, then we have found the site we believe offers the best bargain hotel rooms in the area, and that site is eBookers. Simply check out their site at http://www.ebookers.com/Antalya_Hotels. eBookers claim that they can find you a hotel in Antalya for just £19 per person per night, and bargains like this won't last for long, so check them out!

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