Can't wait? Then book a holiday leaving today.

If you think life is too short to be waiting around, or if you have the impulse to get up and go away as soon as possible, why not book a holiday leaving today? There are still some avenues available to people who want to book on impulse, especially if you don't mind where you are going and are prepared to be surprised.

One option for obtaining a holiday leaving the same day you book it is to go to your nearest airport. Travel desks can fix you up with last minute flights as long as you have your passport and all correct documentation such as visas in place. Such flights are often sold at a discount in order to fill spaces, however on busy routes such as Heathrow to New York JFK you can expect to pay extra. Similarly, you can also arrange to be placed on a standby flights list for seats that have either been cancelled, or in the event that passengers do not turn up. Some airlines, such as United Airlines, charge a $50 fee to be placed on this list.

Eurostar tickets are also available to purchase on the day of travel, either online, at a ticket office, or via telephone. This option means cities such as Paris, Brussels and Lille are just a couple of hours away. However, with tickets for these routes in high demand, you may end up paying a premium for your seat. Current same day one-way tickets to Paris start at around £179 per person.

Finally, it is well worth looking around on tour operator websites such as Thomson or Thomas Cook for super late deals. Thomson currently offer same day holidays with massive discounts, such as 7 nights in Polichrono in Greece at the Royal Kostas Apartments from as little as £138 per person including flights. This represents a saving of £240 on the list price.

If you book a holiday leaving today, then ensure you are ready to travel, have your bags packed and are able to arrange transfers at short notice. After all that is done, enjoy your last minute trip.

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