Magnificent food at the Holiday Inn Eastbourne.

Has the mention of some fish and chips got your mouth watering? Well  let it water no more and get on down to the Holiday Inn Eastbourne and savour the tastes of this sumptous fish and chips.

The Holiday Inn fish restaurant is run by lovely people from Madeira and employ a chef by the name of Paul whose grilled plaice is a dish that has to be tasted before you can believe how tasty it is.The restaurant prides itself on been the supplier of the freshest and best cooked fish and chips in Eastbourne. With a great menu to choose from and with items on it for £4.20 it makes it an ideal place for to go for a dinner.

You can call in and sample one of meals that are on the menu on any of the seven days of the week. They open from 11.30a.m in the morning till 2.30p.m for the lunch menu and if that is not when you fancy going they open again at 5.30p.m till 9.30 for the evening menu. From a selection of plaice, cod, huss, haddock and salmon there is something for everyones taste at the holiday inn.

If you are still a bit sceptical a great website available is www.tripadvisor.co.uk which people write into and give you their opinions as well on the food available and we are sure you won't hear many people complaining about their delicious fare!

The Holiday Inns address is 7 Carlisle Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex and you can call them for a reservation on 01323 732481. They also have a website available for you which is www.holidayinnfishrestaurant.co.uk. So do yourself a favour and call in today and sample the sumptuous food available.





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